Cross-Specialty Collaboration

June 14, 2016

Integrating Cancer Care across Oncology Specialties Cross-specialty collaboration is becoming more important as the healthcare industry increasingly focuses on providing the highest quality of care. Patients often visit doctors across specialties, especially when their disease involves multiple departments, such as in the case of oncology care. This makes it...

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HealthHelp Programs Qualify Under the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Requirements

March 28, 2016

A White Paper by Cherrill Farnsworth, President and CEO, HealthHelp Updated March 2016 Purpose Clearly outline the criteria and requirements of the Medical Loss Ratio regulations. Identify how HealthHelp’s programs fall into the health insurers’ Medical Loss Ratio requirements. Executive Summary The implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable...

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A Large State Medicaid Outpatient Advanced Imaging Utilization Management Program

January 15, 2016

Substantial Savings Without the Need for Denials Robert J. Rapoport, Laurence Parker, David C. Levin, and Mark D. Hiatt Abstract A decade of rapidly rising outpatient advanced imaging utilization ended toward the end of the past decade, with slow growth since. This has been attributed to repetitive reimbursement cuts, medical radiation exposure...

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Exemplary Provider Satisfaction

November 10, 2015

HealthHelp’s Consult program has ordering providers singing its praises in a survey Handling prior authorizations is a time- and cost-consuming process for physicians, nurses, and other medical staff. It creates a significant financial burden because of the time it takes to work on those prior authorizations for staff members...

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